Rettai Kili - Superior Ponni Boiled Rice (10Kgs)

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Brand: Rettai Kili (Double Parrot)
Product Code: Rettai Kili - Superior Ponni Boiled Rice (10Kgs)

Superior Quality White Raw Rice for Meals.

Ponni rice is traditional South Indian Rice known for its unique fragrance, Length and taste.

Loved by people of Tamilnadu to cook and equally loved by Tamil farmers to cultivate, this rice is considered as golden cereal. Its unique process is soaking in water for hours and the soaked paddy is boiled for nutrition enrichment.

This process is practised only in Tamilnadu for decades and decades.

Why  Rettai Kili?

~ Consistent in Cooking Quality

~ High Yield and Good Elongation

~ Broken and Contamination Free

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